Millie Lone

Millie Lone


Christmas CD

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A diverse and original Christmas programme, Millie Lone combines the choral music of many different composers. The sounds of works by Francis Poulenc, Hugo Distler, and Sufjan Stevens, coupled with those of conductor Jean-Philippe Billmann’s choral arrangements of contemporary and traditional melodies, bring this creative Christmas tale to life. Millie Lone inspires many of the different feelings that are often felt during the winter months. Many of the pieces encapsulate the intense beauty and unremitting joy of Christmas, whilst others have a more melancholic and heartfelt side, capturing the tender, and sometimes fragile, nature of Christmas. ​But most of all, Millie Lone renews the meaning of Christmas, weaving the centuries-old message of the birth of a newborn King in Bethlehem with an upbeat message of hope and optimism.

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